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If ...
  • you are not sure if your market is listed in this Directory,
  • you want to review, update or add information about your market, or
  • your market is no longer in operation and you wish to delete it from the Directory,
... you can search for it in the table below by selecting the state where it is located and entering the name of the market, or the city/ town in which it is located.

If you determine that your market is listed (possibly under an unofficial name in your state and city/ town) in the searchable table,
  • Click Update to review information about the market,
  • Click Update to update, correct or add information about the market,
  • Click delete to delete the market that is no longer in operation.

If your market does not appear (even under a slightly different or unofficial market name in your state and city/ town) in this searchable table, please click on the button below the table and enter information to add the market to the Directory.

Please make sure that the information you enter is current and correct as this is the way your market will be represented in the USDA’s National On-Farm Market Directory that is used by customers, app developers, community developers, researchers, and others in the on-farm market sector.
State Market Name or City
Actions: Review Review the listing        Update Update the listing information         Update Delete the listing        
Market NameStreetCityStateUpdate TimeActions
Backyard Orchards 6585 Highway 431 North Eufaula Alabama2014-08-21 14:36:49 edit delete
Bagwell Blueberry farm 228 county road 721 Cullman Alabama2015-06-24 14:29:38 edit delete
Barber Berry Farm, LLC 2362 Alabama River Parkway Millbrook Alabama2015-03-23 12:53:56 edit delete
Bixler Farms 358 County Road 204 Dawson Alabama2014-07-26 20:26:26 edit delete
Dayspring Dairy, LLC 212 Dogwood Drive Gallant Alabama2015-10-12 16:51:34 edit delete

If you did not find your market, please click to list your on-farm market information in the Directory.

OMB 0581-0169 expiration date 07/31/2019